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              ZiBo Wonderful Chemical Co.,Ltd. is founded in 2002. We have the experience of more than years in the field of the production and R&D on specialty methacrylate esters products. With the increasing of production amount and grade, we established Zibo Jinyin Chemical co.,ltd. as the second manufacturer in 2007. After years of innovation and expansion, our capacity on special methacrylate esters has increased from annual thousands of tons to nearly ten thousand tons.
              We keep the advanced production facility, testing analysis equipment and our company are qualified by ISO9001 quality system. Our products have the export record to many countries and regions, including Europe, USA, Japan, South Korea, India, with the good quality fame both in China and abroad.
              During the next decade, our company will focus on the production and R&D of methacrylic acid esters products and provide customization service, with building a first-class environment-friendly chemical company.
              Innovation leads to the future development. is our long term target!
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           Address: Qilu Industry Park Linzi Zibo Shandong China ICP17012753̖  
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